Truth be told, Storytime Trivandrum faced rough times all through the month of July of 2016. Our first project had taken a downward spiral ; many questions were asked and even more eyebrows were raised at us. Upset, yet determined to prove ourselves we were on the lookout for new projects. It was then, that Priyanka chechi, the coordinator of Storytime Chennai put forth a new project at Government Lower Primary School at Thycaud, a little place at the heart of  Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.
We were extremely excited and began discussions and made decisions based on the various dynamics involved in making this library possible.
So with the leftover funds from our failed project, we decided to get on with this project! We got financial help from numerous supporters and we decided to kick-start our project!
Despite all the help we got, we were still short on money. Instead of trying to raise more money, we decided to make do with the money we had, which resulted in the making of the library at a modest price of Rs. 5000.
We were all set to start the work on the library! We had books and a lot of them. Since the ones using this library are no older than ten, we had to sort and remove many books that were inappropriate for these children. And it was a herculean task!

As the books were ready we had to clean and furnish the designated place for our library. We bought two slot angled shelves (which were really difficult to assemble, but we received generous help from many people), eight baskets to put the books in and mats for the children to sit and read the books on. And we also used old T-shirts to make tiny cushions.

We put everything together and finally got the whole library ready!
We were proud of our work, but it took us nearly four months to get it done, which I think is a fault from our part. Because of conflicting schedules and our hectic routines as students, we couldn’t give it our 100%, which was a big lesson to us. This project taught us a lot about time management and scheduling our resources!

And finally on the 19th of October 2016, the library was inaugurated by Ms Meera and Ms Babita, both of whom were extremely enthusiastic about interacting with the kids and were hugely supportive of Storytime’s initiative. The library was declared open by the Principal of the school and the children rushed in to take a look at the books we had instore for them!

All the guilt, feelings of uncertainty and doubt we had up till then, were washed away by the innocent smiles and twinkling eyes of the children as they opened the books and started to read.





The team behind the effort

Post by Rohan Giriraj