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From setting up libraries to publishing your child's stories, we got you covered.


Flagship program : creating low-cost reading spaces in schools and communities

Reading Buddies

School based program to encourage peer-reading and vocabulary building


Interactive storytelling workshops for children


Network of children sharing stories with each other across the globe

The Journey so far

The Storytime project was founded in 2013 by three 'twentysomethings' who chanced upon to meet each other while in college. Today, the network of activists, architects, designers and college-goers has several initiatives to talk about and has presence in over six countries across the globe.
  • 2013

    In the beginning

    A group of twenty-year-olds wanted to change the world by providing children in under-resourced communities with access to storybooks. They did so by collecting used storybooks and delivering it to schools which needed them

  • 2015

    Getting up on their feet

    With the help of friends and friends of friends, this group of youngsters started setting up libraries in schools and often communities which needed them. From bookshelf corners to school libraries, each library was custom made to fit the needs of the children.

  • 2016

    Learning to walk

    The Storytime network is now an all-volunteer network across 4 countries, helping to set up reading environments in schools and communities. The program has diversified into reading programs apart along with physical reading spaces

  • 2019

    Spreading the yoy of reading beyond borders

    By 2019, the network grew beyond borders to 6 countries and has on ground reading spaces in 10 states in India.

The Leadership

Since inception, Storytime has been a voluntary movement and is made possible by the effort of a lot of people. Here are a few of them.
Reading spaces
Storybooks donated


The Keni project
Anthill creations
Fuel A Dream

Our Stories

The Storytime experiences put in words and pictures. Stories of Inspiration and stories of determination.
Feb 3
Feb 3

First steps in Thiruvananthapuram

Truth be told, Storytime Trivandrum faced rough times all through the month of July of 2016. Our first project had taken a downward spiral ; many questions were asked and even more eyebrows were raised at us. Upset, yet determined to prove ourselves we were on the lookout for new projects. It was then, that […]

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Jun 7
Jun 7

Storytime: Our Sharjah story

When fantasy hit reality Many a timeĀ I have tried imagining what my childhood would have been, without all the magic of Harry Potter or the adventures of the Famous Five in their secret island (I have always envied George for that), or without all that fan-girling I did about the Olsen twins. Well, I could […]

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Jun 3
Jun 3

Pulling off our first Reading Buddies

The Reading Buddies Program a group of teenagers reading one-on-one with a group of children. They read books together, tell stories, play word games – anything to help the younger children become better readers. This is the story of how ‘Storytime’ put together kids from two different schools on a journey of reading together. So […]

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Feb 2
Feb 2

Kick-starting Storytime Singapore

Dreams we all have them. Too often than not, they get chucked aside all in the name of work. Work was like that cup of coffee. It stimulates you, it helps you pull all-nighters driving capitalism, but in the long haul wears you out. Feeling restless, you start to search for meaning in the talents […]

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